Four of Pattaya’s Top Schools

As more and more expats work and live in the Pattaya area the demand for schools to educate their children has increased dramatically. Sometimes, well established and quality Thai schools can often not offer all the requirements that an overseas student demands.

Therefore there has been the foundation and growth of a number of international schools to service the specific demand for this level of education. Continue reading Four of Pattaya’s Top Schools

Important Information on Hospitals in Pattaya

Hospital treatment in Thailand is not free for those who do not have Thai nationality as there is no NHS system in the country, and even if you are a native Thai there are some cost implications.

However, hospital care and treatment in Thailand is far cheaper than private treatment in the Western World. It is the choice of the patient what sort of level of care he desires and then to pay the corresponding charge.

Pattaya has some excellent hospitals and clinics and the medical care can be excellent and also fast. There are rarely long waiting lists and seeing a consultant or doctor is almost instant. A tourist is well advised to have full medical insurance cover when visiting the kingdom and expats usually belong to some sort of medical scheme.  

It must be noted that although hospitals in Pattaya do have ambulances they must be called and there will delay. If you are unlucky enough to be in accident then you will probably be picked up by a volunteer rescue service. These are not fully equipped ambulances and are often glorified pick up trucks.   

There are 5 hospitals to chose from in Pattaya, three are private and two are run by the Government. Continue reading Important Information on Hospitals in Pattaya

4 Not to be Missed Pattaya Restaurants

Pattaya has some of the best restaurants to be found anywhere in Thailand, from a myriad of authentic Thai venues to a spectacular array of western and foreign outlets.

The main reason behind this is the fact that Pattaya has grown into such a multi cultural resort attracting visitors from far and wide that the restaurant industry has adapted to suit demand. Chefs from all over the world have been brought into Pattaya along with incredible Thai cooks from the four corners of Thailand.

There is no place other than perhaps Bangkok where a more diverse and exciting culinary scene can be found in the whole country. Continue reading 4 Not to be Missed Pattaya Restaurants