House Buying Information

What do You Want?

Suggestions for finding your ideal home:

- What to Look For
- How much can you afford to spend
- Where do you want to live
- What type of home do you want
- When do you want to move in

Beginning the Search

Searching for the right agent and home:

- Hunt for a home
- Meet with Real Estate Agents

Inspecting Properties

What to do and look for when inspecting prospective properties:

- Having a Look
- Make Notes on Each Property
- Review any Purchase Agreement
- Perform a Comprehensive Inspection
- Arrange a Professional Inspection

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Negotiating a Deal

Negotiating effectively on your ideal home.

- Private Treaty Sale
- Check the Title, Costs and Fees
- Purchase Agreement
- Paying a holding deposit
- Start the transfer process

Making the Deal

Contracts, title transfers, lawyers and etc.

- Closing the Deal
- Exchange Contracts
- Finalise your financing
- Settlement
- Organise Insurance

Moving In

Tips to help simplify the moving process.

- Eight weeks before the move
- Six weeks before the move
- Four weeks before the move
- Three weeks before the move
- Two weeks before the move
- Moving day