Quick tips to make your new condo as efficient and green as possible

Quick tips to make your new condo as efficient and green as possible


Following our latest post on how to increase your Air Conditioner’s efficiency to keep things green in Sin-City, we decided to follow it up by giving you some other quick things you can do, not only to reduce your impact on the environment, but also to make your condo much more cost effective.

Let’s get down to some tips shall we:


Change to LED lights

The amount of money and energy you can save by just using LEDs is truly impressive, not only are they efficient than normal fluorescent lamps, they last much much longer, are safer and cost almost next to nothing in yearly maintenance, and this is just to name a few of the advantages! You can see all these other advantages and some pretty impressive figures regardingLED efficiency.


There should be no excuse not to be changing all of your lights to LEDs, specially now a days when you can find a huge arrange designs. If you ever wanted to collaborate in an environmentally friendly way, but never quite exactly know how, well look no further than your own living room! Even in Pattaya there already are a few shops specializing in LED lighting and lamps, why not start asking around eh? Here, I have already searched Google for the phrase ‘led lamps Pattaya’ .


You can even get creative with it and explore the newer LED bulbs that can actually be connected to your mobile phone, hell, some of these models even come with a remote control so that you can use all it’s awesome capabilities (light intensity, amount of bulbs, color, etc.. and it will only get crazier!)


Get a TV stream box like the Roku Box

This option is not one that comes to people naturally, but have you ever wondered how much waste is created by your home entertainment system? We might not be able to do much about the electricity consumption, after all, I don’t think I’ll convince you to start listening to music quietly am I? Instead, let me introduce you to Roku Box, an amazing little box that is already changing the way people consume entertainment world wide.


Just think of how much less plastic you will consume when you stop buying DVDs and CD’s: All that extra plastic and materials used (all the fuel consumption making and transporting them) all of that will be gone the second you get a Roku box. All you need is a decent internet connection and you will be ready access some 2000+ channels and an infinity of content right from your living room.


You can also access radio shows directly with the Roku Box, add of of this to the possibility of hooking up a terabyte of storage and you will be creating the perfect entertainment library all within these devices, no extra waste nor equipment needed!


You can buy the latest model of this beautiful streaming box from their official website. Meanwhile let me show you some of the features that have made the Roku Box the most popular streaming station in the market (beating huge companies like Amazon and Google by the way)




  • Fast smooth streaming
  • Send music, picture and videos from you phone or tablet directly to your TV
  • 2000+ channels in the US (this will depend on you country, but do expect to have access to thousands of options even within Thailand)
  • Headphones connection right on the remote control for personal listening (great for late night movie watching)
  • Easy and quick set-up

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