Properties in Pattaya that are going to be completed in 2015

Properties in Pattaya that are going to be completed in 2015:


I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you how developments are built, sold and traded here in Pattaya. Thanks to the rise of pre-sold properties i.e where future tenants buy properties that have not been built yet to take advantage of the cheaper rates, developers are able to create huge projects knowing a big percentage of the property is sold, this allows for some risk management (and potentially more profits) which, of-course, developers love and have widely adapted this technique throughout Pattaya. Continue reading Properties in Pattaya that are going to be completed in 2015

Best penthouses in Pattaya: The palm Condominium

Best penthouses in Pattaya: The palm Condominium


The palmOne of the most popular developments in Pattaya, The Palm was conceived and built by the NOVA luxury Group, meaning you can expect nothing but the best sin-city can offer. The project itself actually consists of 2 stunning hi rise towers, the tallest of them standing above the Pattaya skyline 46 floors up.

Continue reading Best penthouses in Pattaya: The palm Condominium

Best Penthouses in Pattaya: Northshore Beach Road

Best Penthouses in Pattaya: Northshore Beach Road


Why so many developers, agents and independents selling properties in Pattaya, sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult to try and find the best properties in Sin-city. It is also true that different people will certainly have different ideas of what makes the perfect condo, I mean, just check out this past article in which, thanks to a quick questions and answers session, we managed to find out many females out there consider the kitchens and the bathrooms as some of the most important factors that create the ideal home. Continue reading Best Penthouses in Pattaya: Northshore Beach Road

Some more amazing properties with access to the beach in Pattaya

condos with private beaches in Pattaya

Ananya Naklua

Even though not as well known as the properties we mention on our last post , this beautiful development still remains as one of the best hidden properties-gems in Pattaya city. Located right at the end of Naklua road means it provides the perfect escape for those people looking to feel like they are ‘away’ from the city (when in fact actually are just 5 minutes away from Sukunvit road). The Ananya is certainly something to see

Much like the Movenpick residence, you will also feel like you own the beach front. Thanks to the landscaping and land distribution around the property, people from the public can’t really access the beach, meaning it is all for the residents. The fact the pool is located right at the beach-front means residents have the option of relaxing by the poolside or adventure 6 meters further into the sandy beach.

One thing that should be mention is the quality of the beach, which is great for sunbathing and walking around, that said, when it comes to the pristine conditions of the water I couldn’t guarantee that the Naklua port and Laem-Chabang port (about 14km down the road) won’t have an effect on it. Apart from the sometimes murky waters, the view and great feeling you get from being able to see the huge expansions of the oceans every single time you peak out of the window are still guaranteed.

Some facilities and services you can expect at the Ananya Condominium Naklua:

  • Private Beach
  • Car Park
  • Fitness Center
  • Free wi-fi in all rooms
  • Kids pool and large beach-front pool with sunbathing deck
  • Room Service

Water’s edge

An amazing little boutique project (has a total of 37 exclusive rooms) is another great example of hi-end design right on the Naa Jomtien’s coast. Residents will have the option of walking right onto the beach (which will offer much cleaner waters than the Naklua area of Pattaya) from the main building.

Not only you have the proximity to the beach to consider, but thanks to it’s location at Naa jomtien soi 8, you also get to experience a very relaxed area of Pattaya. You will find yourself living both far enough from Pattaya to avoid the tourist masses yet close enough to easily access all the city’s facilities by a short 10 minute drive.

We have also featured this property on another one of our posts investigating some of the top kitchens and bathrooms available in Pattaya. If there’s one thing you can count on is the quality of the facilities and the design of the building, you will get a better sense of this once you visit the rooms at this property, the ceiling high glass windows that allow you to wonder at the immense beauty of the ocean is just the beginning of it.

Here’s a short list of the facilities and features of this property:

  • Rooftop area: Oversize infinity pool, sundeck, Jacuzzi and gym
  • Security: 24-hour manned & monitored (CCTV)
  • Wi-fi: Free throughout building
  • Unit entry door: Scorpion steel security door (2.2m tall by 1.2m wide)
  • Kitchen: Fully-fitted (Hafele, Blum, Franke)
  • Bathroom: Fully-fitted (Cotto)
  • Parking: Underground and fully secured