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Helpful Information When Searching for a New Property

Once you have finalised your wish list, you can begin the search for your ideal home, which will involve:

Hunt for a home

There are now many ways of accessing information on the property market in Thailand. Of these, the Internet is fast becoming the most popular means of finding details and pictures of real estate for sale - particularly for people not currently residing in Thailand.

Use our search feature to access properties listed on the Internet. You can select any or all of the search criteria to narrow your search, ensuring that you only need to view those properties that closely match your chosen criteria.

Other sources for details on properties for sale are:

One of the first things you should do when you start looking at property listings is to check that the general price of properties in your chosen area is within your price range.

Quick Tips

Driving around those areas that you would like to live in is also a very good way to identify house you would be interested in. Write down the property addresses and let your real estate agent know what you like about these properties, and if he has any similar properties on his books.

Meet with Real Estate Agents

Instead of spending time scanning through newspapers and classified ads, why not let the real estate agents do some of the work for you?

Quick Tips

When you approach real estate agents and let them know what you are looking for, make sure you provide them with as much detail as you can on what you require in a home. Perhaps you can even provide them with a copy of your wish list.

The more information you can provide, the more chance there is of a Real Estate Agent being able to match you to your ideal property. Both you and the Real Estate Agent will be spared a great deal of time by dealing only with properties that closely match your requirements.

One of the major advantages of telling a Real Estate Agent exactly what you are looking for in a property, is that you are likely to hear about newly listed properties soon after they come onto the market. As soon as a property that meets your specific needs comes up for sale, the Real Estate Agent will be able to match it up with your needs. This is an excellent way to keep at the front of the queue for the good properties.

The next step is to take a look at your prospective properties.

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