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The Home Owners Guide

Investing in a property is not a "fire and forget" experience, even if you do procure the service of a letting agent. This section will give you some insight into how to keep the process of looking after your asset as painless as possible.

If you require a reliable and efficient property management service then leave it to us.

What you get for your money:

Whilst the following list is not exhaustive, it gives an indication of what services you can expect from our East Coast Property Management.

  1. Property Management Team: We are a team of 5 people who will provide a complete management service for individuals and companies who wish to rent out their properties such as houses or condominiums. Each of our home owners is handled by our experienced and qualified staff who work exclusively in this sector of the rental market.
  2. Advertising: We have access to a large number of potential tenants. We shall prepare the particulars and place ads on websites such as this, newspapers, magazines, office window displays etc.
  3. Viewing: Our agents will arrange viewings and accompany the prospective tenants when they view your property.
  4. Inventory: Full details of condition and contents will be drawn up and our agents will instruct the tenant to sign up their agreement at the beginning and end of the tenancy.
  5. Dispute & Emergency Management: Whilst you will be responsible for costs e.g. if the water pump blows up, our agent will arrange for repairs to be made on your behalf.
  6. Contact Us: We are the direct Contact Us for the tenant, so no late night calls for you!
  7. Lease: Our agents will organise a legally current lease agreement to be signed by the home owner and tenant.
  8. Tenant Vetting: Employment checks and references will be undertaken where possible.
  9. Client Account: We will provide a fully computerised management accounting system of out/in going payments for our home owners and will ensure that rental payments can be put into the owners' bank accounts with a minimum of delay.


At East Coast Property Management we have various options for our property owners as follows;

Option 1: One month's rent as commission for a 1 year rental, paid fully in advance on entry to the property by the tenant. Finding of tenant and contract provided for this fee. No ongoing management is provided.

Option 2: Management fee of 15% of monthly rental value will be charged on a monthly basis during period of occupancy. For this fee we provide tenant, provide contract and provide full property management services as mentioned above. No finding fee is levied.

Option3: If a property owner purchases the property through East Coast Real Estate as an investment opportunity, we charge a set fee of 10% per month for the first year of property management. Second year will be charged at the normal rate. Full property management service is provided for this fee. No finding fee is levied.

Option 4: Vacant properties can be managed by us for a set fee dependent on location and service required e.g. payment of bills, maintenance issues, cleaning etc. We can tailor a service to meet your needs.


Contact Us Ms. Gade Grey through the link provided or by telephone at +66 38 723615-6.

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