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Preparing the House for Sale

Before your property goes on the market, it is worthwhile spending some time sprucing it up.

When preparing your property for sale, you should consider:

How much should you spend?

When preparing your property for sale, the general rule is to spend as little as possible to maximise your return. Certainly make any relatively inexpensive repairs to your home, but avoid undertaking major renovations, e.g. remodeling the kitchen.

Quick Tips

It is a good idea to consult your Real estate Agent over any changes you plan to make. Your agent can then advise you as to whether your proposed changes will add value to your property. It is pointless undertaking changes if you are not going to be able to at least recoup the costs.

Exterior Appeal

Your first priority should be to work on enhancing your property's exterior appeal before attending to the interior, as this is the first aspect of your property a potential buyer will see. If the exterior puts a buyer off, they are not likely to investigate the interior of your property, no matter what it is like. First impressions do count!

Quick Tips

Put yourself in the place of a potential buyer. Stand across the street from your property and study it. If you drove past this property and saw a 'For Sale' sign, would you be attracted to the external features of the property and want to see more?

Look through the following list of possible areas that may require attention when preparing the exterior of your property:

Interior Appeal

Having already prepared the exterior of your property, now it is time for the interior. Look over the following list of areas that should receive your attention when preparing your property for sale:

Showing the Property

It's now time to open your property to prospective buyers. The exterior and interior preparation is complete and your property is looking terrific. Here are some additional tips to help prepare your property for viewing:

Quick Tips

Many people leave the property prior to the appointed inspection time. If you cannot leave, perhaps wait outside during the viewing. Do not offer advice or try to help the agent selling the property. Remember that you have employed your agent to do the selling and they will have far more experience than you when it comes to dealing with buyers.

Now you are ready to make that sale.

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