Four of Pattaya’s Top Schools

As more and more expats work and live in the Pattaya area the demand for schools to educate their children has increased dramatically. Sometimes, well established and quality Thai schools can often not offer all the requirements that an overseas student demands.

Therefore there has been the foundation and growth of a number of international schools to service the specific demand for this level of education.

St. Andrews International School

St. Andrews International School

Part of St. Andrews marketing PR is the statement that the school was the first and only Gold awarded establishment on the Eastern Seaboard. This prestigious award comes from the independent inspectors of the CfBT.

St. Andrews has a spectacular location based in the lush Green Valley area near Rayong. Close to Pattaya City and only a couple of hours from Bangkok, it has the perfect base.

The school is fairly compact with 500 students with ages ranging from 2-18 year olds. Therefore the classes are small and manageable with students getting almost individual attention.

St. Andrews is also part of the Cognita group, which is an international organisation encompassing 60 schools in 7 different countries. St. Andrews is actually three schools, and has three different campuses located on the Eastern Seaboard; Green Valley, Sukhumvit Campus and Sathorn.    

As well as it’s academic prowess St. Andrews is proud of it’s sporting activities which are centred around the huge playing fields. The school also has a 25m swimming pool, basketball courts and a large extensive library.

Regents International School

Regents International School

One of the best known schools on the Eastern Seaboard and also one of the most respected. This school can be day or boarding and offers accommodation for up to 160 students.

Regents is part of the Nord Anglia partnership that encompasses 42 different international schools, located in 15 different countries. Nord Anglia educates 32,000  children across the world to extremely high uniformed standards.

Regents School offers a comprehensive and diverse educational platform from academic to sporting and arts. On campus is housed 2 drama studios, a three hundred seat theatre, a double gym, a 25m pool, a full sized football pitch and a 400m running track.

Regents statement is that they combine the principles of quality learning with a commitment to nurturing in each student a sense of social awareness and responsibility.

Tara Pattana International School

Tara Pattana International School

Located in Pattaya City is the Tara Pattana International School focusing on educating children up to secondary level.

The school follows closely the National Curriculum of England and Wales but introduces the values of Thai culture to the students. This approach of character education is of paramount importance as it gives skills for life and creates an environment where students can try things without being afraid to fail.

Tara Pattana is not as such a boarding school but has recently added to it’s facilities several separate houses that can now accommodate boarders. The school has on site sporting facilities for the development of the students to augment their academic studies.

Garden International School

Garden International School

Situated near the town of Ban Chang close to Rayong on the Eastern Seaboard the Garden International School is ideally located.

The campus is extensive and large comprising of a collection of modern buildings that act as the school. There are three distinct sections of the school namely Foundation, Primary and Secondary. The curriculum is based on the British system but has modifications to add international flavour.

Year 10 and 11 students study for IGCSE qualifications through CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and then in years 12 and 13 students follow the International Baccalaureate.

The facilities offered by GIS at their extensive campus are to say the very least highly impressive. There are two swimming pools, fantastically fitted out science laboratories, ICT suites and there are excellent music and drama programmes.

Boarding is also available for students on campus as well as day attendance.

Here at East Coast Real Estate we often get asked about the best schools around the Pattaya area. Hopefully this blog post will help to give an insight to education in the region, which might make your house rental or purchase a little easier!

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