Properties in Pattaya that are going to be completed in 2015

I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you how developments are built, sold and traded here in Pattaya. Thanks to the rise of pre-sold properties i.e where future tenants buy properties that have not been built yet to take advantage of the cheaper rates, developers are able to create huge projects knowing a big percentage of the property is sold, this allows for some risk management (and potentially more profits) which, of-course, developers love and have widely adapted this technique throughout Pattaya.

Remember that if you are looking to make a purchase or invest in property in Pattaya city, you can always contact us directly with your questions and doubts, we are the local experts and would love to help you find a special place to call your home. Let us know what kind of property you are looking for, an approximate estimate of your budget and we’ll come back with many quality options for you so that you can make an informed and studied decision.

Many people prefer to buy property in buildings that are fully completed, so today we decided to show you the main buildings that are almost up and running, things are definitely happening all around! Here, check out these Pattaya real estate projects that are about to be 100% completed:

The PalmThe Palm Wong Amat Naklua:

We have mentioned this particular Pattaya Condominium quite a few times in the past weeks, and there are reasons for that! As one of the top projects from one of Pattaya’s oldest developers ‘The Nova Group’, this property has proved immensely popular and certainly a much awaited addition to Pattaya’s top buildings to live in, it even got voted by some of our in-house experts as one of the top kitchens and bathrooms in Pattaya city.

You can always head to one of our Palm Condominium listings and see what’s already on offer in case you are getting slightly impatient to wait for the detail work to be finished.

The Cetus JomtienThe Cetus Jomtien:

Located right on the beach front, this 49 floor construction is about 6-8 months shy of it’s official opening. I happen to live right next door to this developments and can tell you, firsthand, that even the paint has been applied to all the exteriors and most of the interiors. As of now, I saw construction starting on the pool and the garden areas that will turn the Cetus into a green-urban luxury condominium with unrestricted sea-views.

If you are interested in living in one of Pattaya’s most popular areas (Jomtien is indeed coming up in popularity) you can begin by reading one of our own listing for the Cetus , where you will find more detains and the expected selling prices, and don’t forget we can always set up a personal visit once is completed! Just lets us know


There‚Äôs certainly a lot of exciting properties being completed as we speak, 2015 is proving to be yet another high-energy year for all developers, agents and residents who are (in many aspects) quite spoiled for choice. As you saw from the examples above, most of these properties are indeed quite different: You have buildings about to open from Naklua to Jomtien, from some of the most exclusive rooms available to resort-styled apartment buildings, the price ranges are quite diverse meaning there will certainly be something on the market that fit’s your and your family’s expectations perfectly.

Hope this article helps you identify some of the latest buildings in town, we know many people prefer to purchase only in property that is fully completed, hope you find this useful!

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