The best pools in Pattaya you need to know about

Pattaya, a city of extremes, a place where anything can happen. Our lovely city certainly has a wide repertoire of things to surprise us with, and as you might have guessed, swimming pool design happens to be one of them. From Zen design that explores the beauty of simplicity, to the border-line outrageous: Pattaya city will have a developer who has chosen to make the pool a truly spectacular feature of their property.


East Coast real Estate has for years been one of the most trusted agents in town, we love to help people find the house of their dreams. Remember you can always contact us directly with any questions you might have, let us know what you are looking for and what your price range is, we’ll take care of the rest! Let’s explore some of the most stunning pools you will ever find in Pattaya city:


Atlantis CondominiumAtlantis Condominium in Pattaya city 

As the name points out, the entire theme of this development is around water with the pool playing a big role in the every day activities of all the residents. As part of the new wave of condo resorts which seem to be taking Pattaya by storm, the Atlantis complex is the prime example of these type of playful and family friendly apartment/resort themed complexes .


Pretty much the first thing you will notice as you walk into the Atlantis complex is the gigantic pool that spreads throughout the interior of the complex. By this point you might have not discovered the pirate ship parked on one of the corners, but the pool has certainly had more than enough time to make an impression you. Prices at the property start at 1.9 million THB and are perfectly suited for small families, couples and singles.


Here are some of the multiple water-related facilities, features and amenities you’ll find at the Atlantis compound:

  • Galleon feature with club lounge and rooftop sitting area
  • Natural waterfall
  • 5 Jacuzzis
  • Shallow pool (kid friendly)
  • Beach like sloped edge to pool (kid friendly)
  • Canon waterguns (kid friendly)
  • Water slider into the pool (kid friendly)
  • Kids water playground (kid friendly)
  • Sub-marine underwater sculpture
  • Bridge feature over pool

This video I just found will also be extremely useful if you are looking to find a proper birds-eye view of the complex and it’s impressive pool:



Royal Cliff Condominium Royal Cliff Condominium 


Though certainly one of the oldest buildings in town, the Cliff still remains as one of the undisputed kings of Pattaya Pools. We have already explored the idea that old buildings still have some clear advantages over their modern counterpart, and what we said then still applies, some of the older building in Pattaya do indeed have some of the nicest pools around.


It only takes a quick look at the quality of materials these older pools are built with, nothing of these pre-constructed, rectangular concrete structures, these guys are landscaped into the floor in playful ways resembling natural pools. If you pay attention, you will notice every single square centimeter of the Cliff’s pools are covered in real, high-quality tiles, giving the whole place a very vintage feel. This type of pools just aren’t built like this anymore as most developers see a lot of value in newer, more efficient (lower costs) design techniques.


Also, do keep in mind the Cliff residence has a total of 3 different pools, each of them located along the building’s multiple terraces, which will provide you with the perfect place to sunbathe and give you access to some of the most beautiful views of the ocean and the glowing Pattaya Bay.

Other great advantages of calling the Royal Cliff Condo

your home include a private access to the beach below (and the right to use the condo’s own seats and sun umbrellas), the extensive green gardens within the complex as-well as granting you an easy way (walking distance) into Pattaya’s most famous public park right on the hill.


Let me share a map of the actual location so you can get excited about all the wonderful things you will find around the Royal Cliff Condominium, let us know if you need a walking tour!





As we have seen, Pattaya will never make a dull day for us: we know how to have fun in this city and pools certainly reflect that! We’ll be back next week with some other examples of the best facilities you can find in Pattaya. Hope this can get you that much closer to finally finding the house/condo you always have been looking for. Good Luck! Don’t forget to contact us in case you are looking for some extra advice before making a purchase decision.

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