Top Five Most Inexpensive Interior Design Tips

Top Five Most Inexpensive Interior Design Tips

Thrifty tips for transforming your home are the sharpest way to changing the way you feel about yourself and your surroundings. It’s often considered obligatory to spend a lot of money to create a mini-metamorphosis of your home or just selected rooms, but actually that isn’t the case if you pick up on these hand tips.

Lampshade DesignLampshade Design

Simply take a plain white lampshade or purchase an inexpensive new one and apply a newspaper design to the outside. The light will shine through the newspaper adding an attractive look that makes the light broken but pleasant to the eye. All you have to do is use a simple glue paste to the newspaper sheets you think would most look attractive. Try to avoid large print pictures or advertising sheets, and apply only text sheets to the shade. You may even wish to try a foreign language newspaper for interesting close up detail. Once the paste is dry you can also had a lacquer to the outside so that it remains in good shape over the years, but do be careful exposing it to heat, as it can in some cases catch fire. Make sure there is plenty of air between the bulb and the shade, and you can always leave the lacquer out if you are concerned.

Closing Down or Refurbishment Sales

Keep an eye open for luxury hotels that are going through a refit or refurbishment. Hotels are obliged to keep up to date, in order to remain competitive, but that doesn’t mean the ordinary household can’t benefit from scooping up attractive interior design items like curtains, pictures, vases and so on, that will transform your home. Just identity the hotels that are most likely to need refurbishing in the near future and ask what their plans are, or keep an eye on local press. You can even create a Google Alert as its normal to do a press release of a sale of hotel items, to make people aware a fresh change is taking place.

Online AuctionsOnline Auctions

Everything is moving online these days, so don’t miss out on hard to get items appearing in online sales. Once again, a Google Alert is a way of finding that obscure fireplace or Scandinavian bed you’re looking for. Don’t neglect the availability of the item you need being on Ebay either. The world’s largest online auction is a terrific way of hunting down, interior design items that will reframe the way your home or room looks. Don’t forget to set your price and stick to it, as the temptation to go over budget is great on those items we’ve all at some time or other, been waiting oh so long for.

Make Things Look Older Than They Are

Old and bashed up is the way forward these days with a desire for retro vintage looks appealing to many DIY fixers through stripping back the varnish and wood on their existing furniture, and adding a patina of age, that can be found through books such as Kirstie Allsop’s, who teaches us to age wood in the right way. Yes it’s time consuming but also very inexpensive and a great way of making semi old things look old enough to be treasured again.

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