What to See in Pattaya and Chonburi

The Chonburi area of Thailand is stacked full of things to do and see, both in Pattaya City and the surrounding areas. Not only is there sand, sea and partying but the region has some breathtaking parks, venues, galleries, zoos and day trips to offer.  

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical GardenThe Garden was officially opened in 1980 and is the leading tourist site of the whole Southeastern region. Originally opened as a botanical garden the site has grown into a resort and now has a luxury hotel to cater for the influx of tourists who wish to make a longer visit at this outstanding park.

The gardens are themed and are extensive, encompassing; A French Garden, Animal Sculpture Garden, Desert Rose Garden, Italian Garden, European Garden, A Stone-Henge, Butterfly Hill, Cycad Valley and a Sports Car gallery.

Also there are many activities other than studying the wonderful exotic flora. You can take a sky walk, ride elephants, go for a bicycle ride or float on the lake in a paddle boat. Plus there are the spectacular Thai cultural performances and the elephant shows.

The hotel offers all a top rated luxury resort should; there is a spa, gym, pool, restaurant and coffee shop.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden has something for everybody but especially if you are a lover of plants.

Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

Tiffany’s Show PattayaThe original and best transvestite cabaret show in Pattaya now in it’s 40th year. Tiffany’s is a legend in Thailand and very popular indeed, booking is definitely advisable for every show is almost sold out.

From it’s inception all those years ago the show has grown into a spectacular world class performance. So much so that it has been voted as the 4th best show in the world.

You will not believe the stunning looks and fantastic body’s on all the performers and the fantastic costumes they wear during their acts.

Visiting Pattaya for the first time then Tiffany’s is a compulsory venue to add to your itinerary.

Silverlake Vineyard

Believe it or not Thailand is starting to produce some very fine wines and the Silverlake Vineyard situated a short drive from Pattaya is one such winery at the forefront of the revolution.

The drive to the winery is quite stunning and you will notice the air becoming cooler as you climb towards the mountains. The winery itself is a sprawling 480 acres and it it’s centre is the Tuscan styled Courtyard.

There is the Villagio community mall a pizza cafe and a fine grill restaurant where estate wines are matched with Italian and Thai dishes. Take a seat al fresco and have a leisurely dinner whilst looking out at the incredible vista.

There are gardens to stroll through and obligatory wine tastings on site, be prepared to be surprised at the quality of wine on offer.

Art in Paradise Pattaya

Art in Paradise PattayaA truly interactive art gallery based right in the center of Pattaya. Shin Jae Yeol a Korean lover of art opened the 6000 square metre gallery to provide the best three-dimensional art in Pattaya.

Unlike most art galleries Art in Paradise actually encourages the visitor to interact with the exhibits and gives instructions of how to take the best photo to get the most out of the art.

There are different themed areas and strolling through the gallery you will be taken from Diorama, Aqua, Safari, Classic Art, the huge and spectacular Ayuttaya, Egypt and Thai.

Be prepared to wait a couple of minutes to snap your perfect photo especially if you go during the school holidays. Art in Paradise is perfect fun for any age and will provide you with some brilliant and unique memories to share on Facebook.

Making the decision to move to Pattaya is an easy one for many people, whether you choose to rent or buy property there is always plenty to see and do!


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