How Can I Make My House Sell Faster?

How Can I Make My House Sell Faster?

If you’re looking to sell your property in Pattaya quickly, time needs to be taken to prepare each room for potential buyers. Home staging is imperative to a quick sale and can potentially increase your sale value.

If a potential buyer walks into a cluttered, dark and dreary house for sale, it can put them off. Take time to tidy and arrange your home with the buyer in mind. Natural light, space and the condition of amenities need to be thought about. Follow these simple tips to increase your chances of a quick sale.

Remove Clutter

Clutter covers up space and if that is limited, this can seriously impact the chance of a fast sale. Removing unnecessary clutter gives the impression of increased space which is attractive to a potential buyer. Tidy away piles of papers, shoes, clothes and kitchen equipment. Remove as many non-crucial items as you can.

Stage the Main Rooms

While every room should be tidy and clean, your main focus should be the kitchen, master bedroom and living room. Expert reports say these are the rooms most likely to influence a buyer’s decision.

Thoroughly Clean

While a quick hoover is good enough for thee weekly clean, when selling your home, you should clean like you’ve never cleaned before! Clean skirting boards, ceilings, behind cupboards, every inch of the fridge and everywhere else. A deep clean shows a prospective buyer the property has been cared for.

Make Repairs

You might be ok with a few holes and dirty marks on the walls. But, to a prospective buyer this signals neglect. Use a foam eraser to remove scuffs from walls, fill in holes and scratches and apply a new lick of paint if it’s needed. Your efforts will be rewarded with a faster sale, if you attend to repairs.

Enhance Natural Light

Dark rooms are a little depressing. Brighten the space up by cleaning windows, opening blinds and adding mirrors to reflect light around the room. Place lamps in dark corners to open the area up and turn them on for viewings.

Focus on Fresh and Neutral

You may love having red walls in the bedroom, but this can turn off a potential buyer. Re-painting walls in a neutral tone, can take time, but it may increase your sale price and get a faster sale. Think of it as offering the property as a blank canvas, that the new buyer can paint in their own favorite colour.

Make it Look Homely

People don’t just buy a house to exist in, they buy a house to live in. Make the property for sale as homely as possible, so the potential buyer can imagine themselves in it. If it’s too sterile, this can put people off. Arrange the furniture so there’s enough walkable space. Add rugs to the floor and fluffy cushions.

Even get a few scented candles going or bake some cakes. Some research has shown – the right smells are powerful motivators when it comes to spending.

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