6 Incredible Benefits of Investing in Pattaya Property

Research shows, more people are buying Pattaya condos as second homes and investment properties. And with Pattaya’s popularity growing year on year, it’s easy to understand why. Tourists come for the beautiful weather, tropical scenery and white powdery beaches.

Retirees come to live out their days in comfortable surroundings where money stretches further than in other European destinations. For investors, Pattaya property is a safe bet with the ability to keep a property rented year round. Let’s take a look at six more benefits of investing in Pattaya property.

1. Abundance of Natural Resources

Pattaya is famous for its 40km long white, powdery beach, sun, fun and an abundance of stunning, tropical landscapes. It’s literally a paradise that tourists flock to and developers are continually building properties right on the beach. With over 12 million foreigners visiting every year, having your own property in Pattaya is a great investment.

2. Year Round Warm Climate

Pattaya enjoys a year round favourable climate, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees Celsius. Even the winter months around December time are t-shirt weather and great for swimming.

3. Economy is Continually Growing

Situated in the Bangkok-Rayong Economic Corridor, Pattaya is Thailand’s most developed economy. Healthy growth is experienced each year, with a thriving tourist and real estate industry, plus around three hundred conferences are held each year in the area. Condos for rent are always needed in Pattaya.

4. Great Transport Links

Pattaya airport is an affordable airport, with flights about half the price of flying to Bangkok. Southern Chinese cities can fly to Pattaya in around 2 hours and in the future, AirAsia plans to open more direct flights to Pattaya, removing the need to change at Bangkok. Currently, construction has begun on a new high speed rail line from Bangkok to Pattaya, which will replace the usual long bus ride.

5. High Rental Returns

With rental returns currently at 8-10% and as high as 15% on properties near the beach, there’s huge gains to be made from investing in Pattaya property. The vacancy rate of Pattaya properties is extremely low, with properties in the best locations filling out quickly.

6. Low Cost of Living

One of the main reason why retirees, digital nomads and tourists flock to Pattaya, is the low cost of living. The exchange rate is extremely favourable, allowing you to save money, live comfortably and have a lot of fun. The medical facilities are world class and the Thai Government now issue special retirement visas to those who qualify over 50, making Pattaya a top destination for expats to move to.

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