Should I Move to Thailand

Should I Move to Thailand

ThailandMoving from your own country to relocate in any foreign country is challenging and exciting, somewhat similar to a step into the unknown. Luckily for anyone considering taking the plunge to move to Thailand then the country is fortunately well known for its warm welcome to foreigners. There are many reasons why people would want to move to Thailand apart from the obvious reasons of all year round sunshine in a tropical South East Asian country the most common are for work and business, travel, retirement and marriage.

Decision Making

Before making a decision to move to Thailand many factors need to be taken into consideration as the differences between the UK and Thailand are huge. Probably the first thing of importance is your financial situation as you need to do your sums and must ask yourself can you afford to move even although the standard of living in Thailand is lower than the UK, will I be financially sound to enjoy a reasonable lifestyle and also have enough funds to cover any unexpected expenses or emergencies such as medical and health care.

Next to be taken into consideration is the family and friends you will be leaving behind in your home country, which may come as a bit of a wrench. If you are fortunate to already know friends in Thailand then the transition to adapting to your new lifestyle will be much smoother. On the other hand if you are arriving alone and have few contacts then you really have to start socializing again to meet new friends. Luckily in Thailand there are many expatriate clubs and associations to be found mainly in cities and towns.

weddingMany foreigners also decide to move to Thailand for marriage or to be with their partners. In many cases it can be difficult to bring your respective Thai partner to your home country due to immigration and visa problems, so it’s obviously easier to join them in Thailand and if you have children with a Thai partner then it is certainly a great reason to move to Thailand.

Education, spiritual and religious study in the buddhist religion including meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years attracting devotes from all corners of the globe and where better to practice than in Thailand.

Thailand once visited attracts visitors to make the trip over and over again and a high percentage finally decides to move and make Thailand their home permanently. If you do your homework and plan well beforehand then there is no reason why moving to Thailand may well indeed turn out to be the best decision you have ever made.

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