Top Five Interior Design Colour Myths & Mistakes to Avoid

Top Five Interior Design Colour Myths & Mistakes to Avoid

Although most sensible homeowners about to embark on an interior design project to include all the rooms in their place will get in touch with a reputable interior designer, it does not mean that such dwellers will have no say in the design details. On the contrary, any interior design expert worth their salt will encourage clients to give at least some input on all or some of the interior design tasks to be undertaken.


Interior DesignClient Input

Flicking through a popular interior decor magazine or surfing the net for websites providing interior design tips is always a good idea as long as we are prepared to learn the basics of colour selection. Indeed, just because we may be employing an expert interior designer to work on our property, when suggesting certain colours, we still need to know what we are talking about.

Colour Wheel

Young professionals who think having the interior walls of their spacious and open-planned apartment painted entirely in white is a good idea may need to go back to the drawing board if they hope to avoid making a big colour scheme mistake.
Apart from many highly experienced experts in interior design suggesting that all-white interior walls are a bad idea; lots of designers would support the following:

•Don’t Forget to Balance Warm and Cool Tones

•Make Sure a Corner Colour Test is Carried Out

•Appreciate the Basics in Choosing Colours

•Divide Colour Choices Into Percentages

•Pick a Colour Scheme and Stick to It

Interior DesignMyths Busted

There are a number of ways for homeowners or inexperienced interior designers to avoid making mistakes with the choices they make in the colour of paints they apply, being aware of at least some of the many colour myths being one of them. One of the more common of these design delusions is that using all dark colours creates a depressing atmosphere; something easily avoided by providing lots of natural light.


Room Dividers

Taking the time to talk to friends and colleagues regarding interior design ideas is all very well; however, if we don’t listen to advice given to us by an expert in interior colour schemes, we could end up with a palette we’re not entirely pleased with. In many cases, homeowners that have already painted every room in their house a different colour wish they had sought advice from experts in interior design solutions.

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