Why is Naa Jomtien (South Jomtien) growing in popularity with investors and developers?

Naa Jontien

General information:

One of the main things that you will notice as you drive down Jomtien beach road towards the south Jomtien (or Naa Jomtien as it is known in Thai) is that it doesn’t quite look like the rest of Pattaya. Around this area (for the time being at least) pink-light bars, short skirted women and go-go bars are not the norm. You will certainly find hotels, guest houses, massage shops (that’s right, normal massages!), restaurants and small shops to drink beer at, but certainly no prostitution or your standard ‘dirty farang’ crowd.


To many people, including the Russian community and the Bangkok week-end visitors, this is the ideal setting to own a property, after all, it is nice to be reminded Pattaya is not just for the drunk and horny and that our lovely city can also welcome the more ‘standard’ crowd looking for a quiet weekend and a sunny sandy coast. Families,for instance, are a common sight all around naa Jomtien and so are couples and older people, all of them seem to be quite happy with the quieter more family-friendly atmosphere that can be enjoyed around this area in comparison to the rest of our vice laden Pattaya. Allow me to give you some examples of the attractions of one of the cities fastest growing residential areas:


seafoodBars and restaurants in Naa jomtien:


One of the top choices for people (and I mean it, this place is full everyday) is Preecha Seafood Restaurant which is located at the very end of Jomtien beach road, really, just to to the very end and you will see this famous restaurant. As a general rule of thumb, if a place is filled with Thai people enjoying a meal, then the food will be good! These guys have some of the freshest seafood available in Pattaya and they surely know how to cook it too (their menu has hundreds of delicious options for your eyes and palate alike!)

Another amazing option, and this one is personal as I go here quite often, is Cafe del Mar restaurant. This trendy venue, which also has a bar and an open air gallery for you to enjoy their menu (or you can always choose to sit inside their air-conditioned and beautifully decorated dining room of-course). Things to highlight are definitely their pizzas, not only they have a huge repertoire, but they wooden-fed oven means they are always cooked to perfection and style, in fact, most of their Italian dishes are spot on and so are their all-day breakfast plates. Add all of this to the fact their beers (and they also offer imported German beer as well as all the standard local ones)

are always cold, means this is the ideal place to visit right after a relaxed day at the beach.

Don’t forget to check out the interactive map on our homepage to see all the great developments available at Naa Jomtien, don’t miss out on the chance to find your dream home in one of Pattaya’s most popular residential locations.

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