All You Need to Know About Pattayas Neighbourhoods

Pattaya offers a nice mix of rural and urban life. You can enjoy relaxing on long stretches of golden beach after a hectic day. And give your credit card a workout in the many shopping malls, restaurants, bars and entertainment spots.

Plus, the city is well equipped for families and workers with a range of well-situated residential properties, hotels, schools, hospitals and universities. If you’re thinking of re-locating to Pattaya, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s take a closer look at what Pattaya has to offer and what each neighbourhood is like.

Why Re-Locate to Pattaya?

Pattaya is a friendly, lively city, with so many things to see and do. It has multiple options for places to live, to suit all different budgets and needs. Enjoy waking up to the sounds of the sea with a beach facing flat.

Or enjoy being surrounded by nature, by living in a modern condominium or traditional Tai home up in the hills, surrounding the city. Choose high end luxury with all the mod cons, or a simple, affordable flat with the basics.

Pattaya is welcoming to foreigners and is within easy reach from many other popular Thai islands. This is why Pattaya is a sought after place for people to re-locate from abroad and from across Thailand.

Overview of Pattaya Neighbourhoods and What They Have to Offer

If you’re looking for a condo for sale in Pattaya, it helps to have a little knowledge about the different neighbourhoods. The city is divided into four areas – Northern, Eastern, Southern and the Central historic centre. Here’s an overview of the best areas to buy or rent a property in Pattaya:

Northern Pattaya (Wongamat/Naklua)

Wongamat has access to the sea on the West and the North sides, plus it has a huge amount of cultural appeal. There are many beachfront properties in this area that are already inhabited, which is why the ones that come on the market are quite expensive. The area has well established public transport options and has plenty of entertainment venues. It’s also within easy reach of offices, schools, colleges and medical facilities.

East Pattaya

East Pattaya includes the areas located on the Eastern side of Sukhumvit road. This is the road that divides Pattaya into the East and West parts. East Pattaya includes areas such as East Naklua, East Jomtien, Greater East Pattaya, Huai Chao Nok reservoir and more. The area is more peaceful than some other areas of Pattaya. It’s a safe and secure neighbourhood and ideal if you want a larger place with a pool and/or garden, that is affordable. However, if you choose to live here, you’ll need your own transport to get to the city.

Jomtien Beach

This is a popular area among expats and is about 20 minutes away from Pattaya city. The rate of condo development is quite high here, which is why it’s an affordable area to buy or rent in. There is plenty of entertainment options in Jomtien, plus a large selection of fine dining and family restaurants. If you decide to buy or rent here, consider Southern Jomtien, as it’s a little quieter and has stunning views.

Pratumnak Hill

This area is located at the Southern end of Pattaya and is a quiet, green area. The famous Wat Phra Yai temple is found here (also known as the Buddha Hill). It’s a desirable location, with the majority of apartments benefiting from a hill or seaview. It sits between Jomtien and Pattaya City, giving you easy access to all the entertainment and amenities in these places.

Bang Saray

This is an ideal location for those wanting to live a rural, peaceful life. Bang Saray is a small village with zero traffic, that sits around 30 minutes from Pattaya. You will need to travel into the city for all your supplies, so you’ll need your own transport. However, the extra effort is worth it, because the beaches are untouched and stunning, plus you’ll get to experience traditional Thai life.

Downtown Pattaya (City)

Pattaya city is a lively area full of pubs, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and markets. It literally never sleeps and is an area where tourists flock to for fun and to give the credit card a workout. You can find a variety of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets here. If you don’t have a vehicle and want to be near the action, Pattaya city is the ideal spot to rent or buy a property. Due to the large amount of tourists passing through here, you’ll also find it easy to rent your property out when away.

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