The Advantages of Working with a Trusted Estate Agent in Pattaya

If you’re thinking of investing in Pattaya property, it pays to work with an experienced real estate agent. The amount of tourists and new residents attracted to this city is on the rise, due to its stunning beaches, exciting leisure and entertainment options and its easy access to Bangkok.

Alongside the many things to do and see, it’s easier than ever to get to Pattaya thanks to the recently opened U-Tapao Airport. This area is also going to benefit from a future high speed rail project that is being planned to connect Pattaya to Bangkok and all the towns around the coast.

Benefits of Working with a Pattaya Real Estate Agent

1. Local Knowledge

Real estate is constantly being developed in Pattaya. However, some of the most sought after areas already have new property built. This means finding your ideal home in these areas can be tough and may take a little perseverance. If you don’t know the area, a search for the ideal property can be a frustrating one. A real estate agent has local knowledge and can help you find what you’re looking for faster, giving you a better chance of securing your dream home.

2. Save Time and Money

Scrolling through endless property websites is draining and time consuming. An experienced Pattaya real estate agent will get to know what you’re looking for by asking numerous questions. Next, they’ll spend time searching listings and come back to you with a quality list of homes that match your unique needs.

3. Be First in Line to See New properties

A real estate agent has a huge amount of contacts in the property industry. This means they’ll often know when a new property becomes available before anyone else. Competition for property in sought after areas of Pattaya is fierce. A real estate agent can get you to the front of the viewing queue so you don’t miss out.

4. Find a Property That Suits You

A Pattaya real estate agent can show you round different neighbourhoods, from upscale Naklua beach, to North of Pattaya, which is known for chic hotels and shopping centres. Whether you want a condo on the beach or a spacious detached home on the outskirts of the city, an experienced real estate agent will guide you to the most suitable properties.

5. Wealth of Expertise

Not only does a Pattaya real estate agent have knowledge about the local area, they have a wealth of knowledge about the housing market, sale prices, renting and buying as a foreigner, buy to let and more. They can help you with all the paperwork and guide you in attaining visas, or anything else you need, if relocating from another country.

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