Increase your aircon efficiency by 70% in 2 quick steps

Increase your aircon efficiency by 70% in 2 quick steps


Sustainable living is becoming more of the standard than just a trend, and even though here in Pattaya this fact might not be as clear as other cities worldwide, a lot of things can be done to improve the overall sustainability of apartments. Maybe you have just found your dream property in Pattaya and wish to make it as ‘green’ as possible, well, we might have some ideas for you!

Reducing your carbon print also means you will be making your house a lot more efficient, so not only you get to feel good about your effort, you will be saving money in the process! Here are some easy (and enjoyable!) ways you can begin the long path towards a more sustainable condominium


airconIncrease your air-con efficiency


This is possibly the quickest most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of your house. Inefficient use of air-cons will account for most of the daily electricity consumption created by your apartment. A lot of people will tell you just have to use your aircon less, I would recommend you are just smart about it 🙂


Get the smart app Sensibo


I have just found out about this little tools a few months ago, but what it promises to accomplished ha indeed got me thinking (and saving some money to purchase it). In a nutshell, what this really cool little system does is turn your aircon (any model too!) into a smart machine that not only understands when a room is getting too hot, it can also be programmed to identify how far you are from home and what needs to be done in order to maintain the most comfortable temperature. Just knowing the fact that Sensibo will allow you to save up to 40% of your air-con’s power consumption should be enough to head-out and purchase some units, it technically pays for itself!


Tell me it doesn’t sound like an awesome thing to be able to program your old aircon equipment to understand that you are on your way back from work now, and that by the time you enter your house your bedroom should be a comfortable 23 degrees, no more, no less and Sensibo allows you to do exactly this and much, much more! You can read about all the details on Sensibo’s official website, you can also book and buy your unit directly from their shop.


Double glass windowDouble glass windows


Another amazing invention, and though not as technological as the one above, it is certainly as effective! With double glass, insulated windows and doors your are increasing the efficiency of your apartment by up 70% compared to normal glass windows. These types of insulating doors and windows have 2 layers of glass which traps some air in between, this has no effect on how clear the glass is, but thanks to that air gap, these windows will be able to keep the cool air inside your house for many hours compared to their normal glass cousins.


Pair these efficient insulating windows with the smart Sensibo app and you basically will be reducing most of your excess electricity consumption in one quick move.

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