The best bathrooms and kitchens in Pattaya

The best bathrooms and kitchens in Pattaya


When it comes to property investment, Pattaya certainly has something for all tastes. As a new investor looking to purchase a property, one of the hardest things is to decide exactly what is it that we want; balcony or no balcony? Sea view? Away from the city? Roof top pool?… really, the list can (and will) become quite lengthy. Don’t forget you can always ask East Coast Real Estate for our professional advice on how to begging deciding what you are really looking for in your dream home, we love to help!


Thinking I should create an article that was somewhat helpful to those who are just starting to unravel the huge haystack that Pattaya represents to the needle that is your ‘perfect condominium’, I decided to ask around the office and find out what were the most important attributes of a condo according to my co-workers. It might have been because we have a lot of women co-workers, but the 2 top facilities that people seemed most interested about were the Kitchen and the Bathroom (take that you worthless infinity pool! No one cares about you)


So, according to our little research, both the kitchen and the bathroom are huge factors in creating what many would consider the perfect condominium. Armed with these insights I went to see our in-house real estate expert (who has been selling and visiting Pattaya Condominiums for 15 years no less) so that he could provide me with a concise list of the top kitchen and bathroom facilities in sin city. Here are the experts’ choices:


The Riviera Wongamat Beach Pattaya:


One of the most beautiful and seeked after properties, this 2 tower development will feature some of the most expensive and well equipped kitchens and bathrooms in the market. The project won’t be completed until 2017 so people do indeed have a lot to look forward to. You can visit their showrooms for a quick sneak peak at the beautiful designed rooms


You can see a quick preview of the rooms and a bit of the story behind the development in the following video


The Palm Wong Amat Condo:


Another development created by the acclaimed Nova Group, these buildings (which will be fully completed at the beginning of 2015) are yet another example of luxurious living in Pattaya. All equipment is imported and of the highest quality possible. You will be able to see the completed rooms within a few months now, exciting isn’t it?


Developed by Powerhouse developments, the Sky light is yet another examples of high-end design in Pattaya. All facilities are top notch and with easy access to the beach (about 100 meters), these properties remain at the top of Sin-city;s choices for investors.


Being a boutique development means there are only 55 units available, so do hurry up if you would like to own or rent/buy a property here. They get full quickly!



Waters Edge:


Situated right next to the beach front, this new development (completed in 2013) is another boutique condominium compromised of a total of 37 units created by powerhouse developments.


Is yet another great example of high-end design coming together with a beach front location to create a modern and relaxed atmosphere. Take the time to come see the stylish details and big glass windows that allow for the entire beauty of the coast to become an every day fact.


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